Victoria’s Secret – A brand in which I trust

Picture 1It takes a lot to earn my trust “in real life,” and even longer to gain my trust online. I interact with more individuals than brands on social media because many brands don’t know how to do social media right. I don’t want to follow a brand that constantly tries to sell on social media, and it’s obvious when a brand is posting scheduled, automated messages. I want to connect with the people behind the brand. If a brand engages with me, it goes a long way in earning my trust, and ultimately turning me into a brand advocate. One brand that has done that for me, is Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret is constantly posting and keeping their social media pages up-to-date, which demonstrates their authority in beauty, lingerie, swimwear, and fashion for women. The brand’s massive amount of followers on each of their social media pages also proves their authority in the industry. Why wouldn’t I trust a brand that the majority of my friends like or follow on social media?


When customers complain on the various Victoria’s Secret’s social platforms, the brand addresses their complaints in a timely fashion. This transparency is helpful, shows a human side to the brand, and it proves that the brand actually cares about their customers.

Recently, a customer wrote that he bought a gift for his wife, and they forgot to take the security tag off (right). When he went back to the store, the manager told him he had to wait in a long line to have the tag taken off. I’m sure with the amount of social media followers Victoria’s Secret has, they could have easily ignored this customer an it wouldn’t have been noticed. Instead, the brand apologized to the customer and asked him to send a private message with the stores location so they could properly address the problem.


While I appreciate Victoria’s Secret’s responses to complaints, what really sets the brand apart for me is their engagement with consumers. It’s amazing to see how many customers they have conversations with on Twitter (right). This proves that the brand cares more about the customer and their experience, than making a sale. The feeling of having an actual two-way relationship with Victoria’s Secret on social media helps me to trust the brand even more.

You may question why brand trust is so important. Because I trust and feel as though I have a relationship with Victoria’s Secret, I’m more likely to tune into what they’re posting on social sites. This is critical because customers are so inundated with advertising clutter. Also because the brand has earned my trust, I’m more likely to engage and share what they’re posting on social media. Their social media behavior has turned me into a brand advocate and free advertising is rarely a bad thing! Lastly (and what some would say is most important), because I trust the brand, when I’m in the market for a swimsuit, underwear, or perfume, they’re the brand that I will turn to. Victoria’s Secret’s products and social media always keep me coming back for more!


5 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret – A brand in which I trust

  1. Even though I am a pretty strong Victoria’s Secret hater (for obvious reasons), I do agree with you that they create a very trustworthy presence on social media. On the few occasions that I have made a purchase from VS (shhh.. don’t tell, I love their swimsuits!), the process has always been pleasant, easy, and the staff friendly and efficient. It is interesting from a retail standpoint how blindly we trust large incorporations with no “face”. I wrote on the DB about an experience I had recently with Amazon where I was more than willing to share all kinds of credit card info with the representative on the phone. SHE is the one who declined to take the info and put me through to an automated system. It was only then that I realized I was trusting a stranger! Perhaps my faith in the greater organization outweighed the likelihood that she would steal my information.

    • Thanks Lesley! I thought this post might get a response from you! When done correctly, social media is a great way for big corporations to earn consumer trust. Even though I don’t really know the person behind Victoria’s Secret’s social media accounts, the fact that they responded to my blog post URL tweet, made me like and trust the organization even more. It’s funny how far a little acknowledgment can go!

  2. I never really thought about how just keeping a social media page can give you authority. It makes sense, if you have content to produce you obviously know the industry. I also like when brands respond back to client problems. Where I used to work they adopted the policy of just ignoring those posts, that it wasn’t worth responding to. I think that brings your trust level down completely. How can I trust a place that doesn’t even have good customer service or care about my problem?
    I think they would have more brand advocates if they earned trust.

    • Responding and engaging to consumers and potential consumers is key on social media. It’s hard to believe a company would just ignore all the social media complaints, but I know it happens. Ignoring the problems won’t make them go away. By simply responding to customers, it goes a long ways toward earning their trust.

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